Singapore Couturier Laichan Has Been Creating Glamorous Gowns And Qipao (Cheongsams) For More Than Three Decades

Lai Chan is a Singapore fashion designer, best known for his beautiful designs of the figure-flattering Chinese CheongSam,or the QiPao. With his refined fashion sensibilities and unwavering commitment towards beauty and quality, Lai Chan has earned a reputable name in the local fashion circuit.

Designed For The Modern Women

These Qipao are timeless yet contemporary, and so comfortable it works perfect all day.

Laichan Qipao Is Available Online Now!

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Laichan has been growing ever since it was established, and its media coverage on its quality and unique designs have been expanding on its own pace. Click here to see more.

27 July 2015

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5 August 2012
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29 July 2012
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