Lai Chan is a Singapore fashion designer, best known for his beautiful designs of the figure-flattering Qipao or Cheongsam. With his refined fashion sensibilities and unwavering commitment towards beauty and quality, Lai Chan has earned a reputable name in the local fashion circuit.

Some of Lai Chan’s designs include dramatic costumes for theatre, movies and film series, such as Romeo + Juliet, Shakespeare in the Park, and HBO’s Telemovie, “Grace”.

Lai Chan creates unforgettable, stunning pieces of evening gowns and wedding dresses. These fashion pieces are timeless, comfortable, and come about from ingenuity of combining traditional techniques and newer style influences.

His designs include a line of classic, elegant ready-to-wear prêt-à-porter collection that is sophisticated yet chic. His eponymous boutique since 1991, LAICHAN, is situated at the Paragon Orchard Road, Singapore.

“Fashion is not a shallow, popular culture that only exists on the surface- it can reflect the character of a place or country.”

Lai Chan, in an interview with Lian He Zao Bao



“Lai Chan’s signature style is a cheongsam that is understated yet striking, but the devil is really in the details. The armholes have a hand-stitched piping, just a centimetre wide, to prevent puckering when worn.
“Another signature element on his cheongsam is the long row of gemstones, such as coral and jadeite, used as buttons to fasten each piece. They aren’t just decorative. I chose not to use zips buttons for a purpose. They are there to give the harried modern-day woman the pleasure of taking time to dress up as slips each bauble into the button loop.”
“Lai Chan also sources the most exquisite fabrics from around the world- from dazzling Italian silk crepe woven with metallic thread, delicate French lace to Japanese silk, “that has the perfect weight for the perfect drape.”

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